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Jamire Williams

Leaving Records


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Jamire Williams introduces the world to ///// EFFECTUAL - the masterful avant-drumming album conceived, recorded, and produced across multiple planes of specific studio environments and percussive configurations. Jamire's solo strength is felt upon the first splash of a cymbal, yet Williams continues his rising path working recently with the coveted Herbie Hancock, innovator Robert Glasper, Tortoise treasure Jeff Parker, and the exploratory Carlos Niño who is credited as an essential producer here. ///// EFFECTUAL enlists Chassol, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, and GB - all remain close colleagues with perfect appearances for this highly-nuanced solo debut on Leaving Records.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Who Will Stand?
  • A2. The Fire Next Time
  • A3. Selectric
  • A4. Truth Remains Constant
  • A5. Dos Au Soleil
  • A6. Chase The Ghost
  • A7. Wash Me Over (Pollock's Pulse)
  • SIDE B
  • B1. In Retrospect
  • B2. Futurism
  • B3. [ Selah ]
  • B4. Children Of The Supernatural
  • B5. Illuminations
  • B6. The Art Of Losing Yourself
  • B7. Collaborate With God