Dorothy Ashby

The Jazz harpist (SOW005LP)

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The Jazz harpist

Dorothy Ashby

Sowing Records


LPS 163500




LP 16,51 €

The 1957 recording debut of the most famous jazz harpist! Featuring: Frank Wess (flute), Eddie Jones (bass), Wendall Marshall (bass), and Ed Thigpen (drums). Years ago the All Star polls in jazz were primarily concerned with trumpets, trombones, saxophones and the usual rhythm instruments, but of late the situation has changed in order to welcome new instruments and players into the ever-broadening aspect of jazz performance. Now, such widely varied instruments as the cello, accordion, and flute are accepted as contributing members of the jazz group or orchestra. And here Regent is presenting still another voice for jazz expression: the harp. No, this isn't the first time a harp has been used on a jazz date. But, I can't recall when a harp was featured as a solo instrument within a jazz context as it is here. The harpist of reference is Dorothy Ashby, and in her recording debut she is featured as the leader of a thoroughly refreshing group as well as a soloist, composer and arranger of great merit.


  • Dorothy Ashby - harp
  • Frank Wess - flute
  • Eddie Jones - bass
  • Wendell Marshall - bass (B3, B4)
  • Ed Thigpen - drums


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Thou Swell
  • A2. Stella By Starlight
  • A3. Dancing On The Ceiling
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Aeolian Groove
  • B2. Quietude
  • B3. Spicy
  • B4. Lamentation