Plymouth w/ Mary Halvorson & Chris Lightcap (5060197760458)

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Plymouth w/ Mary Halvorson & Chris Lightcap


Rare Noise Records


DRJ 163658




CD 12,38 €

4 Panel Digipack

Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Chris Lightcap, Gerald Cleaver, and Mary Halvorson. The simple mention of these five names is probably enough to frighten some people away from this album and make others rush toward it with open ears. Each one of the aforementioned musicians has a reputation for being a musical provocateur, pushing buttons, pushing the limits and challenging minds and ears with intelligent abandon. The music they make together under the banner of Plymouth could be dubbed free jazz, noise art, collective creation, or any number of similarly vague but telling things. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter what category this gets filed under. What matters is the musical mettle that this band demonstrates during the three lengthy improvised numbers that make up its eponymous debut.


  • Jamie Saft - organ, echoplex piano, Fender Rhodes
  • Joe Morris - electric guitar
  • Chris Lightcap - electric bass
  • Gerald Cleaver - drums
  • Mary Halvorson - electric guitar


  • 01. Manomet
  • 02. Plimouth
  • 03. Standish