Buddy Rich

Just in Time (Limited 3 LP Japanese Edition) (5060708610425)

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Just in Time (Limited 3 LP Japanese Edition)

Buddy Rich



LPS 163698




LP 49,57 €

Deluxe Edition Triple Vinyl

3 x 180g 33rpm Vinyl LP

The last-ever recording of drumming great Buddy Rich – and a set that we'd put right up there next to his best records of the previous two decades! Buddy's in familiar formation here, but the sound is wonderful – recorded live at Ronnie Scott's nightclub in London, with this mixture of band tightness and solo freedoms that's really striking – all driven by the kind of energy that always made Buddy one of the few folks who could help a larger ensemble continue with vitality into later years! The formation of the whole group is great – that bold, brash, Buddy Rich sound – and soloists include Steve Marcus on tenor, Bob Bowlby on alto, Tom Garling on trombone, Greg Gisbert on trumpet, and Matt Harris on piano – each of whom get some key solo moments on the set. Titles include "Wind Machine", "Night Blood", "Ready Mix", "Winding Way", "Love For Sale", "Just In Time", and "Harco Shuffle". 3LP version features a 31 minute long take of "Good News" – with a very long tenor solo from Steve Marcus!


  • Buddy Rich - drums
  • Cathy Rich - vocals
  • Matt Harris - piano
  • Rob Amster - double bass
  • Trumpets - Eric Miyashiro, Kevin Richardson, Greg Gisbert, Dana Watson
  • Trombones - Rick Trager, Tom Garling, Jim Martin
  • Saxophones - Bob Bowlby, Mike Rubino, Steve Marcus, Chris Bacas, Jay Craig

Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's 19th and 20th November 1986.


  • LP ONE:
  • A1. Wind Machine
  • A2. Night Blood
  • A3. Ready Mix
  • A4. The Trolley Song
  • B1. Winding Way
  • B2. Harco Shuffle
  • B3. Just In Time
  • ______________________
  • LP TWO:
  • C1. Loose
  • C2. Love For Sale
  • C3. Shawnee
  • C4. Up Jumped Spring
  • C5. Why Bother?
  • D1 Porgy and Bess
  • D2 Twisted (feat. Cathy Rich)
  • ______________________
  • E1. Good News Pt.1 (feat. Steve Marcus)
  • E2. Good News Pt.2