Lloyd Miller

Near and Far East (SS-12LP)

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Near and Far East

Lloyd Miller

East West


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One of the most evocative albums ever recorded by the enigmatic Lloyd Miller – a set created at Brigham Young University, in Utah – but filled with a mix of different styles from the other half of the planet! Miller plays a variety of stringed instruments and percussion – including some great xylophone, shamisen, tabla, and santur – and is joined by flutes and recorders, tar, ching, and vocals from two different female singers – both used sparingly, in ways that barely get in the way of the instrumentation! There's less jazz here than some of Miller's later projects – and the record's got a vibe that almost makes it feel like some classic Ocora recording of sounds from Japan, China, Viet Nam, India, and other points east.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Japan - Sakura
  • A2. China - Ch'Un Chiang Hum Yüeh Yeh
  • A3. Viet Nam - Lúu Thuy
  • A4. Viet Nam - Co La
  • A5. Laos - Ramayana Prelude
  • A6. Cambodia - Rop Koh
  • A7. Thailand - Khmersayok
  • SIDE B
  • B1 India - Karpagame
  • B2 Afghanestan - Flute Melody
  • B3 Iran - Seh Gah
  • B4 Turkey - Amen Avci Vurma Beni
  • B5 Iraq - Hakimi