Pork Pie

Berlin 1974 (SSE-12009)

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Berlin 1974

Pork Pie

678 Records


LPS 163815




LP 24,78 €


Unreleased live sounds from the legendary Pork Pie group – an electric ensemble led by keyboardist Jasper Van't Hof during the early 70s – and one that drew equal attention from both the worlds of funky fusion and progressive rock! That attention was well-given, too – as the group do a fantastic job of opening out in many directions – thanks to fantastic work here by Charlie Mariano on reeds, Philip Catherine on guitars, Jean-Francois Jenny Clarke on bass, and Aldo Romano on drums – all players who work with Jasper in a very open-minded style, which draws on the strengths of their individual legacies, and really uses it to build something new. The material comes from the vaults of Van't Hof, and the album features a live Berlin performance from 1974 – with Mariano on alto, soprano, bamboo flute, and nagaswaram – and Van't Hof on both electric piano and "prepared Yamaha organ".


  • Jasper Van't Hof - piano
  • Charlie Mariano - reeds
  • Philip Catherine - guitar
  • J.F. Jenni.Clarke - bass
  • Aldo Romano - drums


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Avoid The Year Of The Monkey
  • A2. Pudu Kkottai
  • A3. Bassamba
  • A4. Transitory Part 1 & 2
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Angel Wings
  • B2. March Of The Oil-Sheiks
  • B3. The Eye Ball Pork Pie
  • B4. Blooz