Arlene Tiger

Female Animal (Limited Edition) (634438282686)

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Female Animal (Limited Edition)

Arlene Tiger

Survival Research


LP 163937




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New York-based Arlene Farber, who later had a bit part in The French Connection, was renamed Arlene Tiger by future husband, Jerry Gross, for the lurid Female Animal, one of the exploitation films he directed and distributed in the late 60s and early 70s (here under the alias Juan Carlo Grinella). With a debauched plot about the raunchy misfortunes that befell an attractive peasant girl (with Gross appearing as a pimp), the film benefitted from a lush soundtrack by the Clay Pitts Orchestra, written and conducted by the enigmatic Pitts himself (the alias of US composer Derek Ware).

This easy listening LP is a true stunner of the genre, a must-have for all fans of lounge music, as well as original exploitation soundtracks.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Tiger Theme
  • A2. Angelique
  • A3. Tiger Theme (Main Titles)
  • A4. Summer Theme
  • A5. Female Animal (Part 1)
  • A6. Rape Theme
  • A7. Caribbean Sunset
  • A8. Summer Love (Reprise)
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Travelling Theme
  • B2. Walk That Cat
  • B3. Caribbean Sunrise
  • B4. Francesca's Theme
  • B5. Female Animal (Part 1) Instr.
  • B6. Angelique And Tiger Theme (Reprise)