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Daisies OST (Colored) (FKR013LPC)

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Daisies OST (Colored)

Various Artists

Finders Keepers


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Feminist manifesto? Agitprop allegory? Anarchic punk predecessor? From the same collective film school alumni that would later bring us Valerie And her Week Of Wonders, Fruits of Paradise, Morgiana, The Cremator and Malá Morska Vila comes a truly unique and internationally acclaimed cinematic benchmark. Finders Keepers Records proudly present the original soundtrack to the groundbreaking 1966 Czech New Wave classic Daisies. The first ever commercial release of the sporadic musical accompaniment to one of the most captivating slices of experimental cinema of the psychedelic 60s. A cut-and-paste Dada collage of 20th century European themes and musique concrete soundscapes including a custom-built score by key performers of the Czech New Wave phenomenon.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Sedmikrásky (Main Theme)
  • A2. Peach Tree Thieves
  • A3. Red Carpet
  • A4. Three's A Crowd
  • A5. Drunken Disorderlies
  • A6. Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • A7. The Juggler
  • A8. The Butterfly Cabinet
  • A9. Sugar Stealers
  • A10. Burning Ribbons
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Girlies Girlies
  • B2. Man With A Typewriter (Phone Call Two)
  • B3. Bath Of Milk
  • B4. Roses Red Roses Red
  • B5. Cuckoo
  • B6. Scissors
  • B7. Beggars Banquet
  • B8. Food Fight
  • B9. Strip-teas