Gerry Wiggins

Wig Is Here (BB 952.2)

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Wig Is Here

Gerry Wiggins

Black And Blue


NIG 107951

BB 952.2



Wig Is Here

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1. You Are the Sunshine of My Life
2. Edith Is the Sweetest
3. Lover
4. F.B.O.T.
5. Oh! Give Me Something to Remember You By
6. There Is No Greater Love
7. (This Is the End of...) A Beautiful Friendship
8. Lady Is a Tramp
9. Stolen Sweets
10. What Is There to Say?
11. On a Clear Day

****AMG Rec Feb 16 & 19, 1977 at Barclay Studio in Paris, France. Wiggins' first session as a le ader in 13 years. Personnel: Major Holley (b); Ed Thigpen (dr). 3 Bonus.T: 73.50