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Malefices (6CACKLP)

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Pierre Henry



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LP 16,51 €

Cacophonic present this outstanding, commonly undetected Pierre Henry film score, providing fans of early electronics, femme vocal manipulation and horror soundtracks with an indespensable 'dream record' that ticks every box and crosses out every line in the rule book.This concise collection of complete set themes is presented here fully remastered for the first time, alongside rare excerpts from two of the composer's very earliest and least obtainable forays into theatrical sound design, with instrumental parts of Henry's first stereo reconstruction of Bejart's 'Orphee' from 1961 and his seldom heard concrete interludes from Darius Milhaud and Max Gerard's 'Mariage De La Feuille Et Du Cliche' from 1958, both of which command rapidly increasing ransom fees amongst serious electronic music collectors


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Générique (Thème De Myriam)
  • A2. Catherine Malade
  • A3. Après La Mort Scène De La Trappe
  • A4. Le Gois (Scène De La Noyade)
  • A5. Theme De Catherine
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Mariage De La Feuille Et Di Cliche
  • B2. La Amoreux Musique
  • B3. Le Voyage Musique
  • B4. La Mort Musique