Matthew Halsall

Fletcher Moss Park (GONDLP007)

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Fletcher Moss Park

Matthew Halsall

Gondwana Records


LPS 164540




LP 22,30 €

Fletcher Moss Park is inspired by one of Manchester's most beautiful places. A rambling, multi-tiered park of walkways and dreamy gardens that offers the contemplative Halsall a place of peace and respite from the city, a meditative space to think and write in. The stillness and beauty of the surroundings have steeped into his beautiful compositions for this album. Elegant and sincere, Halsall's compositions draw on his love of spiritual jazz, modern dance music and favour an earthy honestly and direct communication over tricksy arrangements and it is this deceptively simple openness that gives his music such a unique flavor.


  • Matthew Halsall - trumpet
  • Gavin Barras - bass
  • Adrianne Wininsky - cello
  • Gaz Hughes, Luke Flowers - drums
  • Lisa Mallett - flute
  • Rachael Gladwin - harp
  • Adam Fairhall, Taz Modi - piano
  • Nat Birchall - sax
  • Davinder Singh, Holly Simpson - violin


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Cherry Blossom
  • A2. Fletcher Moss Park
  • A3. Mary Emma Louise
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Sailing Out To Sea
  • B2. Wee Lan (Little Orchid)
  • B3. The Sun In September
  • B4. Finding My Way