Mestre Cupijo e Seu Ritmo

Siriá (Gatefold) (4260126061026)

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Siriá (Gatefold)

Mestre Cupijo e Seu Ritmo

Analog Africa


LPS 164704




LP 24,78 €

Gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve

Analog Africa's new release 'Siria' is a collection of carefully selected tracks drawn from the great Mestre Cupijo's six studio albums. Coming from the state of Para in Northern Brazil 'siria' is a cross pollination between the music of the inhabitants of the Quilombos, a Brazilian hinterland settlement founded by escaped slaves of African origins, and the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest.

It is a breathing, pulsing, emphatic beat, and the modernised version of this local music, created by Mestre Cupijó, has been igniting street parties and traditional festivals across the state of Pará in Northern Brazil for decades.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Mingau De Açaí
  • A2. Mambo Do Martelo
  • A3. Caboclinha Do Igapó
  • A4. Tubarao Branco
  • A5. Morena Do Rio Mutuaca
  • A6. Papa Chibé
  • A7. Farol Do Marajó
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Cadê O Anel?
  • B2. Ventinho Do Norte
  • B3. Siriá Quente
  • B4. Eu Quero O Meu Anel
  • B5. Perereca
  • B6. Prá Dançá Meu Siriá
  • B6. Passarinho Siriri