I Heard a Sigh (TVLP 11)

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I Heard a Sigh


Trad Vibe


LPS 164930




LP 16,51 €

Few 70s artists in Europe have generated as much excitement for the new generation!

Recorded in 1979, I Heard A Sigh is the 4th unreleased album by Cortex star Alain Mion, as usual featuring amazing piano and Fender Rhodes chords and melodies, creating a dancefloor mix of funk, soul and disco grooves.

Over 9 tracks recorded on the best real instruments, including Fender Rhodes, Moog, Korg and Orange Drums, the grooves on I Heard A Sigh are unstoppable – just check out ‘A Winning Team’ or ‘High On The Funk’ for proof.

Out now on the Trad Vibe label, the vinyl release – complete with amazing artwork – is a stunning 70s release, full of history, funk and disco soul.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. I Heard A Sigh
  • A2. Stand and Move
  • A3. Bring My Bonnie Back
  • A4. Said I do
  • SIDE B
  • B1. High On The Funk
  • B2. Emily
  • B3. A Winning Team
  • B4. Back To My World
  • B5. Hannibal March