Paul Dupont

Tapestry - Music By Roger Webb (FR05LP)

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Tapestry - Music By Roger Webb

Paul Dupont

Farfalla Records


LPS 164933




LP 20,64 €

Paul Dupont and his orchestra play some mighty nice tunes here – as the music was all penned by England's Roger Webb, best known for his work on some killer soundtracks, and for doing charts for some of that country's bigger singers! The charts are nice and jazzy, but also have some elements of 70s funk – uptempo with a clubby vibe in a few spots, but also more laidback and funky in others – with instrumentation that includes a fair bit of keyboards and guitar, next to acoustic work on trumpet, flute, and saxes!


  • SIDE A
  • A1. New Yorker
  • A2. Inter-City
  • A3. Downtown Incident
  • A4. Rebirth
  • A5. Snow Flower
  • A6. Stranger Love
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Reaching For The Moon
  • B2. ...And Friend
  • B3. Lazy Lover
  • B4. Lovelorn
  • B5. Rainbow Bridge
  • B6. Fragments