Lua Ki Di Nos w/ Le Cobiana Djazz (Gatefold) (HTML 007)

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Lua Ki Di Nos w/ Le Cobiana Djazz (Gatefold)

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HTML 007

LPS 165303

HTML 007



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Really powerful music from Jose Carlos Schwarz – both a singer and a key fighter in the movement for independence in Guinea-Bissau in the 70s – so much so that he spent a few years in prison, after recording most of the work on this set!

The style of the music is a bit hard to describe – definitely with some familiar Guinean modes, but also dominated by the message-oriented vocals of Jose Carlos, who comes across almost with the mix of culture and politics that you'd hear in a Chilean artist of the time – save for the difference of language.

There's a moody, brooding feel to the tracks – even though the group Cobiana Djazz still provide plenty of groove – and the music has a much more righteous vibe than so many other African records of the period, which is really saying a lot.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Indicativo
  • A2. Estin
  • A3. Po Ka Ta Bida Lagartu
  • A4. Lua Kata Kema
  • A5. Dispus Ke E Lebal
  • A6. Tiu Bernal
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Na Kolonia
  • B2. Mindjeris De Panu Pretu
  • B3. Pintcha Kamion
  • B4. Pena Di Galiña
  • B5. Amigus Ka Bali