Rodrigo Amado

Motion Trio - The Field (NBCD 141)

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Motion Trio - The Field

Rodrigo Amado


NBCD 141

NBS 165525

NBCD 141



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When Rodrigo Amado formed Motion Trio in 2009, it was an important moment in both his own creative development and the burgeoning world of Lisbon free jazz, a time to develop a long-term form as well as long-term associations. In the decade between its founding and this recording, the trio had recorded both independently and with guests, horn players Jeb Bishop and Peter Evans. There have been recordings with first-rank pianists along the way, but events intervened to prevent their release. That history conspires to emphasize the singularity of this hour-long piece with Alexander Von Schlippenbach, one of the founding fathers of European free jazz. Recorded at the Vilnius Festival, on October, 18th, 2019 it produced fully alive music in all its contours all the more remarkable as an account of a first-ever encounter between Amado, Mira, Ferrandini, and Schlippenbach.

Rodrigo Amado - tenor saxophone
Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano
Miguel Mira - cello
Gabriel Ferrandini – drums

The Field    56:11

Recorded by Valdas Karpuška at the Vilnius Jazz Festival, Vilnius, October 18th, 2019
Mixed by Joaquim Monte and Rodrigo Amado
Mastered by David Zuchowski
Produced by Rodrigo Amado and Danas Mikailionis
Co-producer - Valerij Anosov
Cover photo by Rodrigo Amado
Inlay photo by Vytautas Suslavicius
Design by Rodrigo Amado