Costin Miereanu

Luna Cinese (Limited Gatefold Sleeve) (DIALP911)

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Luna Cinese (Limited Gatefold Sleeve)

Costin Miereanu



LPS 165663




LP 24,78 €


A fantastic record that's very much part of the strong legacy of sonic exploration we love in the legendary Cramps record label – served up in a space that goes way beyond music, and is still as groundbreaking now as it was when issued back in the 70s!

Costin Mierenau is partly working here in a collision of two sorts of sonic spaces – natural, organic sounds that have a sense of calm and constancy – mixed with more random, urban sounds – of the sorts you might hear in the background of a city, as machines operate, vehicles move, and conversations take place.

Almost all of the sources of the record are beyond the range of easy identification – which makes the juxtaposition of the sonic experiment even more powerful – as if city and country have been stripped down to their core!


  • SIDE A
  • Lato x opp. y - Parte Prima (Seconda) ..... 20:53
  • SIDE B
  • Lato y opp. x - Parte Seconda (Prima) ..... 20:30