Swami Lateplate

Doom Jazz W/ Bobby Previte (Gatefold) (SSR084LP)

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Doom Jazz W/ Bobby Previte (Gatefold)

Swami Lateplate

Subsounds Records


LPS 165679




LP 24,78 €

double black GATEFOLD LP

Using doom — a slow, foreboding style of heavy metal — as a template, Swami Lateplate crafts a set of songs that creeps along powerfully. The themes are simple, generally carried by subdued bass lines and ornamented by the piano like salt on a glacier. What jumps out most is Previte's drumming. Every cymbal vibration and snare snap leaps to the foreground and, with rare exception, decays before the next strike, as much a testament to Previte's assured playing as Saft's engineering.

The sound throughout is bright and super present. Each moment is its own event, each note frozen in amber. Regardless of the rock modeling, the disc is likely to satisfy Saft and Previte's audiences; it could appeal to fans of the fringes of metal as well.


  • Bobby Previte - drums
  • Jamie Saft - piano, bass


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Malignant Cloud
  • A2. The Round-Up
  • SIDE B
  • B1.Frank And The Girl
  • B2.The Forbidden Border
  • SIDE C
  • C1.The Bearded Man Cannot Help You
  • C2. Escape
  • SIDE D
  • D1.Doom Jazz
  • D2.The After-Land