Ziad Rahbani

Bennesbeh Labokra... Chou? (Gatefold) (WWSLP44)

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Bennesbeh Labokra... Chou? (Gatefold)

Ziad Rahbani

We Want Sounds


LPS 165737




LP 24,78 €

Lebanese cultural icon Ziad Rahbani's cult album Bennesbeh Labokra was long ago awarded its classic status. This reissue will likely introduce it to a whole new audience as well as please those who covet its sought after charms. It is a seamless fusion of Arab music and bossa rhythms, with serene jazzy vibes, dainty piano and cinematic orchestrations. Some of the tracks have lots of room to breathe and let in light and air, others are more complex such as 'Variation 5' which helps make this such a rewarding listen. It's hard to think of albums from the Middle East that have proven as important as this one over the years.


  • SIDE A
  • A1 First Introduction
  • A2 Variation 1
  • A3 Reda
  • A4 Variation 2
  • A5 Al Bosta
  • SIDE B
  • B1 Second Introduction
  • B2 Variation 3
  • B3 Variation 4
  • B4 Wahda Balak
  • B5 Variation 5
  • B6 Last Scene
  • B7 Final Theme