Awkward Corners

Amateur Dramatics (Limited Edition) (SORLP4)

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Amateur Dramatics (Limited Edition)

Awkward Corners

Shades of Rhythm


LPS 165754




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Amateur Dramatics is Awkward Corners AKA Chris Menist's second LP in the space of a year.

In 2020 – a time when the global pandemic gave artists more time and space to think about their music – Chris took his collaborations and compositions to a different level. Having already collaborated remotely with Sarathy Korwar, as well as Kitty Whitelaw through Karthik from Flamingods' Isolate/Create/Collaborate community, Chris turned his thoughts towards a new project.

Amateur Dramatics is influenced by the events of early 2021 and alludes to the general atmosphere of political life in the UK right now where we are chivvied along by people who seem woefully unqualified to be commanding authority. Musically, the LP builds on foundations of the meditative, devotional electronic aspects of previous LP Dislocation Songs but this time frames it more in a jazz context with significant collaborations with Collocutor and Maisha's Tamar Osborn on four tracks.Vocals (from Kitty Whitelaw) feature on an Awkward Corners track for the first time, as well as double bass provided by David Leahy.The result is a thoughtful and deep listening 40 minute listening experience.


  • Kitty Whitelaw - vocals on A2
  • Tamar Osborn - saxes, bass-clarinet
  • David Leahy - bass


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Paragraph One (After The Rain)
  • A2. Marshland Lullaby
  • A3. Partial Recall
  • A4. No Words
  • A5. When There Are No Birds
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Paragraph Two
  • B2. Not Now Karen
  • B3. Men Bearing Lanyards
  • B4. Time To Clear Away Your Toys