Maistah Aphrica

Meow (Limited Edition) (BS062LP)

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Meow (Limited Edition)

Maistah Aphrica

Black Sweat


LPS 165851




LP 16,51 €

A new ship of fools sails on Bolombia lands! These strange people seem to celebrate the whole jazz universe and african idioms, but they've never been in Africa.

The great continent, more than physical, is a mental place of encounter and psychedelic skids. Neurotic and schizoid sorcerers, a furious wind drags them towards the total effervescence of the groove: an unprecedented cauldron of dangerous substances, hybrid styles and influences mixed with secret recipe. Their music is an explosive bubble of expressions, a feverish, impulsive and unstoppable ritual.

A cosmic attitude, such as Heliocentrics or Embryo, marries the majestic and floating sounds of synths and psych organs, acidified by toxic dub sparks and deadly funk forays. A crazy horn section travels without maps from Sun-Ra and Ethiopian echoes, hard-bop reminiscenses, to sudden and virulent Balkanisms, making this soup an indecipherable combination of flavors.


  • Clarissa Durizzotto - alto sax, percussion
  • Marco D'Orlando - congas, percussion
  • Alessandro Mansutti - drums
  • Enrico Giletti - electric bass
  • Giorgio Pacorig - piano, electric organ
  • Andrea Gulli - syntheziser
  • Gabriele Cancelli - trumpet, ukelele, flute

Recorded on the 13th + 14th of January, 2019, Udine, Italy.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Loh Nghiba Linih Pupolih
  • A2. Maistah Aphrica
  • A3. Bolombtzky Marsch
  • A4. Bobi Preach
  • A5. G Weah
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Amissavevah
  • B2. Cosmo Des
  • B3. El Phatah
  • B4. Masanah