Vitor Assis Brasil

Desenhos (FE1.017/2)

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Vitor Assis Brasil

Mad About Records


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LP 22,30 €

First time worldwide vinyl reissue of the Brazilian jazz holy grail Desenhos by Vitor Assis Brasil, originally released in 1966. This is the incredibly rare and Coltrane influenced debut of Brazilian sax great Victor Assis Brasil (1945-1981) for Roberto Quartin's cult label Forma.

Vitor Assis Brasil led this session on January 11th, 1966 with his quartet which featured the legendary pianist Tenório Jr, double-bassist Edison Lôbo and drummer Chico Batera. Desenhos is one of the greatest jazz albums ever recorded in Brazil and the highlights go to the originals and the wonderful João Donato tracks.


  • Vitor Assis Brasil (alto sax)
  • Edison Lôbo (bass)
  • Chico "Batera" (drums)
  • Tenório Júnior (piano)

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, January 11, 1966


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Naquela Base
  • A2. Devaneio
  • A3. Primavera
  • A4. Simplesmente
  • A5. Feitiço Da Vila
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Dueto
  • B2. Amor De Nada
  • B3. Eugenie
  • B4. Minha Saudade
  • B5. Desenhos