Red Square

Rare and lost 70s recordings (Ment003)

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Rare and lost 70s recordings

Red Square

Mental Experience


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The second half of the 1970s is accurately regarded as a time of tumult; in musical terms this typically pertains to the global punk uprising, but there were other surges of discontent against the period’s norms, and a highly interesting example has just received reissue.

Rare and Lost 70s Recordings by the free improvising UK trio Red Square pairs a ’76 live set with a ‘78 studio session; considerably ahead of their time, the group expanded upon free jazz at its wildest and predicted the often uncompromising nature of underground experimental rock to come.


  • Ian Staples - electric guitar
  • Jon Seagroatt - soprano sax, bass clarinet, flute
  • Roger Telford - drums and percussion


  • SIDE A
  • Nakamichi Studio Live Session, 1978
  • A1. Nakamichi #3
  • A2. Nakamichi #4
  • A3. Nakamichi #5
  • A4. Nakamichi #6
  • SIDE B
  • Live At Lindisfarne Hall, 1976
  • B1. Circuitry #2
  • B2. Circuitry #3
  • B3. Circuitry #4