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Corona (CvsD CD077)

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Cecil Taylor

Corbett vs. Dempsey


CVD 165908

CvsD CD077



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A fantastic extended performance from the great Cecil Taylor – and a set that's really striking for a number of different reasons!

First, the performance begins with some added voice work from Tristan Honsinger, Dominic Duval, and others – doing unusual vocalizations that are a bit like those that Taylor would sometimes use to augment his piano improvisations. Another striking feature is the presence of Sunny Murray on drums – one of Taylor's best musical partner, and a player who here is working at a level that's wonderfully open and spacious – very different than you might expect, and in a way that also seems to bring even more thoughtful, sensitive qualities to Cecil's piano!

The set was recorded live in Berlin in 1996, and features two shorter segments, both with voice – and one very bold piece in the middle that runs for almost 50 minutes in length.


  • Cecil Taylor - piano
  • Sunny Murray - drums
  • Featuring the voices of Dominic Duval:
  • Tristan Honsinger
  • Jeff Hoyer
  • Chris Jonas
  • Jackson Krall
  • Elliott Levin
  • Chris Matthay
  • Harri Sjördström

Recorded in Berlin on November 1, 1996


  • 01. Sector 1
  • 02. Sector 2
  • 03. Sector 3