Kashmere Stage Band, The

Our Thing (Limited Edition) (HE69005)

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Our Thing (Limited Edition)

Kashmere Stage Band, The

Endless Happiness


LPS 165967




LP 20,64 €

A bold statement from the Kashmere Stage Band – who've definitely got their own "thing" here right from the start – one of the coolest, grooviest, funkiest sounds you'll ever hear from a band of young kids in school!

These guys easily match the hippest players in much more mature ensembles – and often even have a vibe that sounds a lot like the best blacksploitation funk of the time, or some of the funky big band work from overseas – driven on by a really strong sense of rhythm, and marked with some wonderful solos on tenor, trumpet, alto sax, and piano – plus great guitar from Johnny Reason!


  • Gregory Garlow, Leo Polk, Linda Smith, Willie Dickey - trumpet
  • George Latham, Michael Dogan - bass
  • Ray Harris - drums
  • Johnny Reason, Paul Chevalier, Sherman Robertson - guitar
  • Henry Robinson - maracas
  • Gloria Dynes, Gwendolyn Nelson, Naomi James - piano
  • Bruce White, David Maultsby, Grady Douglass, Hardy Ross, Harold Morris, Larry Phillips
  • Charles Reader, David Maltsby, Sherman Robertson - tamborine
  • Richard O'Quinn, Robert Kazee, Samuel Jones, Wendell Muckelroy - trombone
  • Gregory Garlow, Leo Polk, Linda Smith, Willie Dickey - trumpet


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Boss City
  • A2. Misty
  • A3. Take Five
  • A4. Burning Spear
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Billie Joe
  • B2. Summertime
  • B3. Georgia
  • B4. Every Day I Have The Blues