Horacio Vaggione

La Maquina De Cantar (Limited Gatefold Sleeve) (DIALP914)

La Maquina De Cantar (Limited Gatefold Sleeve) View larger

La Maquina De Cantar (Limited Gatefold Sleeve)

Horacio Vaggione



LPS 166023




LP 22,30 €


Argentinian born electronic composer Horacio vaggione (known to some for his involvement with the Alea group) threw together this 2 track masterpiece of multilayered sci-fi epic glop in 1978 for the Cramps label's relished Nova Musicha series... Relying solely on an IBM computer, the title track from 1971 retains the massive energy and unrelenting use of texture and sonic layering that have occasionally given him comparisons to the work of Conrad Schnitzler.

The closing piece, 'Ending', is a classic mini-Moog/Yamaha organ tune with some seriously timely prog-pop elements (no kidding, we're talking an otherwise dangerous entrance into ELP territory that is pulled off with total grace and finesse). At the end of the day, the pulsating and spacey elements adhere to a very cool minimalist aesthetic that is at once entirely vaggione's own sound and even perhaps a wakeup call to the diminutive world of microsound overtures.


  • SIDE A: La Maquina de Cantar .....17:12 min
  • SIDE B: Ending .............. 17:10 min.