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Unconscious Collective




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Unconscious Collective is the first album by PS5 - the new ensemble led by Pietro Santangelo (Nu Guinea, Slivovitz, Fitness Forever). It’s a further step in the label’s path in trying to connect the musical tradition of South Italy, the love for African-American music, and new ways of expression.

It’s a musical experiment where layered memories and hidden feelings resonate as if they arise directly from the most recondite part of the unconscious and produce a suspension of the stream of consciousness. With the aim to create a state of trance and override the human reason, this is an imaginary round trip across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, ideally connecting Naples with North Africa and Latin America.

The arrangements wrote by Santangelo are based on great freedom of improvisation: while the melodic textures of the two saxophones didn’t give any clear references, the other musicians followed the rhythmic pulse and its unpredictable ways. The music moves naturally along an imaginary line highlighting the ancestral connection between Jamaica and Ethiopia or between Nigeria and Cuba. In the background, Naples is a synthesis of all the sonic ingredients, mixed and cooked in its own mystical and spicy belly.


  • Pietro Santangelo - tenor and soprano saxophone, vocals
  • Paolo “Batà” Bianconcini - percussion
  • Giuseppe Giroffi - alto and baritone saxophone
  • Vincenzo Lamagna - bass
  • Salvatore Rainone - drums


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Transe Napolitaine
  • A2. Babalawo
  • A3. Amigdala
  • A4. Šuluk
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Makeda
  • B2. (don't step on the) Mome Raths
  • B3. Sempre Dodici