Piero Umiliani

Continente Nero (DIALP918)

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Continente Nero

Piero Umiliani



LPS 166028




LP 22,30 €

Italian film score composer Piero Umiliani became world famous when he performed for the Muppet Show, while his most celebrated tune 'Mah Na Mah Na' also became and anthem of the Benny Hill show. He was hugely prolific and put out tens of albums for the sixties on wards, with 1975's Continente Nero being one of the most notable. An original copy will now cost you well over L500 if you can find one, and for good reason: it is an avant garde fusion of world, country, for, jazz, experimental and abstract library sounds that transports you to a mystic world of hugely evocative sound.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Rivoluzionari
  • A2. Nel Villaggio
  • A3. Nuove Realta
  • A4. Antiche Tradizioni
  • A5. Nuovi Fermenti
  • A6. Sole Percussioni
  • A7. Piffero Africano
  • A8. Continente Nero
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Riscossa
  • B2. Ultimo Stregone
  • B3. Continente Nero
  • B4. Preparativi
  • B5. Oasi
  • B6. Tribalismo
  • B7. Giorno Di Mercato
  • B8. Flauto Africano