Steph Richards

Zephyr w/ Joshua White (RPR 1132)

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Zephyr w/ Joshua White

Steph Richards

Relative Pitch


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RPR 1132



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For most of her career as one of the most acclaimed improvisers working in jazz’s avant-garde, trumpeter, composer and bandleader Steph Richards worked hard to make sure that her music was considered on its own terms, rather than — as is so often the case in jazz and music as a whole — in the context of her gender.

But when she went into the studio to record her upcoming album Zephyr in 2019, Richards was six-and-a-half months pregnant. That literally transformative experience shaped the concise, visceral album both in concept and in practice, forcing the thoughtful, cerebral artist to explore a more immediate connection between her body and her work.

As a whole, the resulting record is one of the trumpeter’s most intimate to date, both in its duo orchestration and in its tactile, focused expressio


  • Steph Richards - trumpet, flugelhorn, resonating water vessels
  • Joshua White - piano, preparations, percussion


  • 01. Sacred Sea: Zephyr
  • 02. Sacred Sea: Anza
  • 03. Sacred Sea: Amphitrite
  • 04. Sacred Sea: Nixie
  • 05. Sacred Sea: Sacred Sea
  • 06. Sequoia: Cicada
  • 07. Sequoia: Sequoia
  • 08. Sequoia: Heeyyookkee
  • 09. Northern Lights: Aurora I
  • 10. Northern Lights: Aurora II
  • 11. Northern Lights: Aurora III
  • 12. Northern Lights: Aurora IV