Spirits & Worm

Spirits & Worm (Limited Edition) (ACL0048LP)

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Spirits & Worm (Limited Edition)

Spirits & Worm

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LP 18,99 €

An original vinyl copy of this album is among the rarest collectors item LPs around. This item was released briefly in 1969, primarily in the New York City area and only a few copies got out before it disappeared.

The legend goes that the album was pulled from distribution because the cover art (a couple of goats resting on a tombstone) was rumored to be satanic. A listen to the music, a collection of love songs with a Jefferson Airplane and Santana type sound, quickly disspells such associations. "Fanny Firecracker" and "You and I Together," featuring the Grace Slick-like vocals of Adrianne Maurici, came out as a single . Other group members were Carlos Hernandez (primary songwriter), Artie Hicks Jr., Alfred Scotti, and Tommy Parris. Collectors of obscure vintage psychedlia shouldn't miss out on this reissue


  • Parris - bass, vocals
  • Artie Hicks - drums
  • Alfred Scotti, Carlos Hernandez - guitar
  • Adrianne Maurici, Alfred Scotti - vocals


  • SIDE A
  • A1. You And I Together
  • A2. Every Little Bit Of Love
  • A3. She
  • A4. Fanny Firecracker
  • A5. Sunny Please Hold Me
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Spirits & Worm
  • B2. All I Need Is A Little You
  • B3. She's The One
  • B4. You're Dynamite
  • B5. She's So Good