Ben LaMar Gay

Open Arms to Open Us (Limited Colored Vinyl) (IARC0051LPI)

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Open Arms to Open Us (Limited Colored Vinyl)

Ben LaMar Gay

International Anthem Recording Co.


LPS 166524




LP 24,78 €


Open Arms to Open Us is a brand new, freshly baked tunes by Gay, a collection recorded entirely at International Anthem studios in Chicago between March-June 2021.

He is an artist that has been called “visionary” by the New York Times. Jeff Parker has called him “one of my favorite musicians on the planet today.” NPR says “there is no one universe for Ben LaMar Gay, he just sonic booms from one sound to another.”

Gay lives up to all these statements and more, putting all his best feet forward on this new album. Fluently interweaving jazz, blues, ballads, R&B, raga, new music, nursery rhyme, Tropicalia, two-step, hip-hop and beyond in his most colorful and communicable work yet, it's a beaming expression of Gay’s signature omni-genre, “Pan-Americana” brew.


  • Ben LaMar Gay – cornet, voice, organ, balafon, synths, percussion
  • Tommaso Moretti – drums, xylophone, percussion, thangs
  • Macie Stewart – voice
  • Sima Cunningham – voice
  • Matthew Davis – tuba, trombone
  • Angela, Leia, Mina – voices
  • Johanna Brock – violin, viola, light
  • Tomeka Reid – cello, voice, luz
  • Rob Frye – flute, percussion
  • Ayanna Woods – voice, electric bass
  • Adam Zanolini – soprano saxophone, oboe
  • Onye Ozuzu – voice

Recorded March-June 2021 at International Anthem Studios, Chicago.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks On You
  • A2. Hood Rich Happy
  • A3. Bang Melodically Bang
  • A4. Aunt Lola And The Quail
  • A5. Mestre Candeia's Denim Hat
  • A6. Oh Great Be the Lake
  • A7. I Be Loving Me Some Of You
  • A8. Nyuzura
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Slightly Before The Dawn
  • B2. Lean Back. Try Igbo
  • B3. Dress Me In New Love
  • B4. Touch. Don't Scroll
  • B5. I Once Carried A Blossom
  • B6. In Tongues And In Droves
  • B7. S'Phisticated LadyV
  • B8. We Gon Win