Teddy Lasry

Funky Ghost 1975-1987 (HTML008)

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Funky Ghost 1975-1987

Teddy Lasry

Hot Mule


LPS 166538




LP 22,30 €

Sweet solo work from Teddy Lasry – a keyboardist who first rose to fame as part of the French group Magma, but who's in much more soulful territory here – grooves that are a mix of jazz fusion and sound library modes – all presented with the sort of vintage vibe that you'd expect from the range of different keyboards pictured on the back cover!

Lasry's maybe known less for this work than his prog years – but the tracks here show that Teddy's actually developed a great sense of space that makes his music sound even more wonderful than before – a kind of "less is more" approach to the keys, which often makes for some very soulful moments on the set!


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Raising Sun On Bali
  • A2. Los Angeles
  • A3. Blue Theme
  • A4. Chamonix
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Krazy Kat
  • B2. Funky Ghost
  • B3. Back To Amazonia
  • B4. Birds Of Space