Jacques Thollot

Watch Devil Go (Limited Edition) (FFL071)

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Watch Devil Go (Limited Edition)

Jacques Thollot



LPS 166596




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Heavyweight 180 gRAM LP

Pay attention, this record is completely crazy after releasing a first album on Futura in 1971, Jacques Thollot was back, four years later, this time on the Palm Label run by Jef Gilson, but still with the same surrealist poetry to his jazz. In thirty-five minutes and a few seconds the french drummer and composer, who had been on the jazz scene since he was thirteen, allows himself to do whatever he wants, and more delicately crazy suspended time, wild explosion of the brass section, hallucinatory improvisation of the synthesisers, tight writing, bordering on classicism, and in the middle of that, a hit, the title track, that madlib would one day find and end up sampling.- JEROME .KALCHA SIMONNEAU


  • Jean-François Jenny-Clark - bass, vocals
  • Jacques Thollot - drums, piano, synthesizer
  • François Jeanneau - tenor saxophone, flute, synthesizer
  • Charline Scott- vocals 0n A3 only

Recorded on December 1974 & January 1975


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Kanephoros
  • A2. Up-Downs
  • A3. Watch Devil Go
  • A4. In Extenso
  • A5. Go Mind
  • A6. Tryptique Pour la Foire des Ténébres de Ray Bradbury
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Le Ciel Manque De Généalogie
  • B2. Kamikaze's Nightmare
  • B3. Entre Java Et Lombok
  • B4. Eddy G. Always Present
  • B5. Before In
  • B6. Eleven
  • B7. La Dynastie Des Wittelsbach
  • B8. 1883-1945, Heavens
  • B9. Au Stylo Feutre, Un Paysage
  • B10. Canéphore