Alice Coltrane

El Nutto w/ Terry Gibbs (Limited Edition) (634438546276)

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El Nutto w/ Terry Gibbs (Limited Edition)

Alice Coltrane

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Before joining vibraphonist Terry Gibbs’ quartet in 1962, Detroit-born pianist Alice McLeod played intermissions at the Paris Blue Note and appeared on French TV with saxophonist Lucky Thompson, reaching Gibbs’ attention in a duo with vibraphonist Terry Pollard; in the quartet, she became the perfect foil for Gibbs, her understated piano making room for his intense improvisation, stepping up with her own expression when needed.

El Nutto, their third LP, captures Alice at her best in this setting, as heard on the reveries of ‘El Flippo’ and the title track, this solid set of Gibbs originals showing her virtuosity, composure and curiousness, which would soon reach more cosmic highs, once she became Alice Coltrane.


  • Herman Wright - bass
  • John Dentz - drums
  • Alice Coltrane - piano
  • Terry Gibbs - vibraphone


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Little "S"
  • A2. El Nutto
  • A3. The Nightie Night Waltz
  • A4. The Young Ones
  • A5. El Flippo
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Hey Pretty
  • B2. Sleepy Head Blues
  • B3. Lonely Days
  • B4. Little "C"
  • B5. Just For Laughs