Tadao Sawai

Jazz Rock (Limited Gatefold Edition) (MRBLP204)

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Jazz Rock (Limited Gatefold Edition)

Tadao Sawai

Mr Bongo Records


LPS 166642




LP 24,78 €


A killer set of jazz rock from early 70s Japan – and a set that's way different than Anglo albums of this nature!

There's definitely a mix of horns, jazzy soloing, and electrified elements on guitar, bass, and keyboards – but the themes here are often strongly Japanese, and also feature work on a variety of traditional instruments – including koto and shakuhachi, all served up with a very cool sound throughout the set!

Players are a who's who of some of the more creative Japanese jazz musicians of the time – a lineup that includes Hozan Yamamoto, Takeshi Inomata, Tadao sawai, Sadanori Nakamure, Tatsuro Takimoto, and Kazue Sawai – and the record's got a number of elements that make it resonate with some of Hozan's coolest work from the period.

A few tracks get nice and funky, others are laidback and spiritual


  • Jake H. Concepcion - alto sax
  • Norio Maeda - piano
  • Tatsuro Takimoto - bass
  • Takeshi Inomata - drums
  • Sadanori Nakamure - guitar
  • Kazue Sawai, Tadao Sawai - koto
  • Osamu Nakajima - percussion
  • Hozan Yamamoto - shakuhachi
  • Tadataka Nakazawa - trombone
  • Kenji Yoshida, Takehisa Suzuki - trumpet


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Kuroda Bushi
  • A2. Hanagasa Odori
  • A3. Soran Bushi
  • A4. Sansa Shigure
  • A5. Hietsuki Bushi
  • A6. Sado Okesa
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Itsuki no Komoriuta
  • B2. Hokkaibonuta
  • B3. Kiso Bushi
  • B4. Kaigara Bushi
  • B5. Iso Bushi