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Wolo So

Balimaya Project



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LP 22,30 €

One of the coolest records we've heard from the London scene in recent years – and that's really saying a lot, given all the amazing music the city has given us!

The group here have a way of mixing West African roots with all sorts of jazzy touches, both acoustic and electric – in a mode that has the forward-thinking vibe we love from all the other releases on the Jazz Refreshed label, but with an even more warmly collaborative vibe!

The group is led by djembe player Yahael Camara Ohnono, and features members of Kokoroko and SEED Ensemble, plus other musicians from the London scene.


  • Yahael Camara Onono - Lead Djembe/Arranger/Composer/ Voice
  • N’famady Kouyaté - Balafon/Sangban/ Voice
  • Jali Bakary Konte - Kora
  • Skanda Sabbagh - Dounoun
  • Adeegun Crispin Robinson - Congas/voice
  • Paul Goumou - Omele/Shekere/Sakara
  • Michael Adesina - Lead Talking Drums/Sakara
  • Moses Olukayode - Talking Drums/Sakara
  • Yohan Kebede - Keys
  • Godwin Sonzi - Guitar/voice
  • Jonathan Monga Moko - Bass/voice
  • Nathaniel Cross - Trombone
  • Joe Bristow - Trombone
  • Elias Ntiamoah Atkinson - Flugelhorn/Trumpet
  • Ife Ogunjobi - Trumpet
  • Triston Dubison - Kit
  • Mariam Tounkara Koné - Solo Vocal

Recorded at: Livingston Studios, July 2020


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Balimaya
  • A2. Soninka/Patronba
  • A3. I No Go Gree
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Viens Me Libérer (interlude)
  • B2. City Of God
  • B3. Anangofoli
  • B4. Dakan