Egisto Macchi

Violenza (8055323520461)

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Egisto Macchi

Cinedelic Records


LPS 166789




LP 24,78 €

Limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies.

Housed in hard thick cover

The artistic achievement of Egisto Macchi was avant-garde not only for his immense talent and brilliance but for the quality that has managed to infuse every language he used, ranging from instrumental and symphonic music, musical theater, to library sounds more varied and articulated.

Towering over all his passion and commitment, is the great inner need to break down the sectarian walls of thinking within categories. He had sensed that beauty could be located anywhere and that the biggest task entrusted to an artist was to leave the surface, always.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. L'assassinio Dei Rosemberg
  • A2. Paura Sulla Città
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Aggressività
  • B2. Nazisti
  • B3. Fascisti
  • B4. Kaiser-Marsche
  • B5. La Forza Della Paura
  • B6. Squadracce
  • B7. Violenza Meccanica