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Giants Of Ghanaian Danceband Highlife (ND010)

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Giants Of Ghanaian Danceband Highlife

Various Artists

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Classic tracks from the early years of highlife in Ghana – a time when the guitar-based styles and lively rhythms of the genre were first coming into play, and mixed with some of the more jazz-based styles of years before!

The mix here is almost a West African equivalent to the rise of western swing in the US at the end of the 30s – a way of mixing older instrumental ensemble styles with some more contemporary, more regional elements – sounding wonderful her in some key examples of the style!

The package features a full side of work from Ramblers International – titles that include "Odansanyi", "Ahomka Won", "Woman Wanko", "Akokonini Abankwa", and "Wgya Saman" – plus other tracks that include "School Girl" and "You Call Me Roko" by ET Mensah & The Tempos, "Son Of Africa" by Kwamalah Quaey Sextetto Africana, "Obaa Amponsa Pandogo" by The Black Star Band, and "Fancy Baby" by John Santos Martins.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. ET Mensah & The Tempos - Yei Ngebewoh
  • A2. ET Mensah & The Tempos - School Girl
  • A3. ET Mensah & The Tempos - Makoma
  • A4. ET Mensah & The Tempos - You Call Me Roko
  • A5. Kwamalah Quaye Sextetto Africana - Son Of Africa
  • A6. The Black Star Band - Obaa Amponsa Pandogo
  • A7. Buddy Pipp's Highlifers - Ghana Special
  • A8. John Santos Martins - Fancy Baby
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Ramblers International - Akokonini Abankwa
  • B2. Ramblers International- Nmere Dan Biribe Ara
  • B3. Ramblers International - Woman Wanko
  • B4. Ramblers International- Ahomka Won
  • B5. Ramblers International - Akwanoma Hiahii
  • B6. Ramblers International - Odansanyi
  • B7. Ramblers International - Ntoboase
  • B8. Ramblers International - Wgya Saman