Jazz Against The Machine

Come As You Are (Limited Edition) (PCR 071)

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Come As You Are (Limited Edition)

Jazz Against The Machine

Poets Club Records


LPS 167158

PCR 071



LP 16,51 €

With their cool jazz cover versions of Rage against the machine, Radiohead, and others, Jazz Against The Machine have become more than a tip for insider: their great cover of the Rage classic 'Bombtrack' has more than 3 million views on youtube!

Their second album 'Come As You Are' is a bitch's brew of nineties rock covers by the likes of Rage against the machine (Killing in the name), Nirvana (Come as you are, On a plane), Pantera (Walk), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Under the bridge), Sepultura (Refuse /Resist), Pearl Jam (Alive), Soundgarden (Black Hole Sun), Stone Temple Pilots (Plush) and Beck (Loser).

We join them on their musical trip, hurtling on a Blue Train towards Nirvana. The music springs from a well of infuences that fow beyond the stream of categorisation. On the surface, the scale of the groups musical horizons may seem at odds with itself, but they manage to marry the youthful energy of their rock and grunge flled adolescence with their passion for the masters of jazz.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Killing In The Name
  • A2. Come As You Are
  • A3. On A Plane
  • A4. Walk
  • A5. Under The Bridge
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Refuse/Resist
  • B2. Alive
  • B3. Black Hole Sun
  • B4. Plush
  • B5. Loser