J.J. Johnson

Themes and Cues for Movies & Television (FG-SP10)

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Themes and Cues for Movies & Television

J.J. Johnson

Family Groove


LPS 167220




LP 16,51 €

21 tracks featuring music from Across 110th Street, Top Of The Heap, The Fuzz Brothers, The Bold Ones.Funky Moog modulations, car chases, moody library cues and a righteous soul sister preaching universal truths all revealed in these recently discovered recordings.Masterful arranging and lush orchestration by one of the giants of the Jazz & Soul/Funk Genres.


  • SIDE A
  • A1: Here Come De Fuzz
  • A2. Ballad For Bobby
  • A3: Mr. M
  • A4: The Hugger
  • A5: Cosmetics
  • A6: Chox
  • A7: Five/Four Opus
  • A8: Hot Flash
  • A9: The Zeroids
  • A10: Sun Country
  • A11: Mistoso
  • A12: Moog Rock
  • SIDE B
  • B1: Percussion Chatter - Intro To Main Title From Across 110Th Street
  • B2: Top Of The Heap - Title Song
  • B3: Top Of The Heap - Percussion Fanfare
  • B4: Top Of The Heap - Suspense
  • B5: The Bold Ones - Melodic
  • B6: The Bold Ones - Agitato
  • B7: Top Of The Heap - Car Chase
  • B8: Angry Astronaut - From Top Of The Heap
  • B9: Better Days From Man & Boy