Dorothy Ashby

Soft Winds: The Swinging Harp of D. Ashby (Clear) (SOW013)

Soft Winds: The Swinging Harp of D. Ashby (Clear) View larger

Soft Winds: The Swinging Harp of D. Ashby (Clear)

Dorothy Ashby

Sowing Records


LPS 167289




LP 16,51 €


This album is a wonderful illustration of what Leonard Feather, eminent music critic and champion of the female's rights in jazz, has been yelling about for years. It reiterates the lesson that has taught us not to say: "She plays good for a girl."

For those of you who still harbor some prejudice against the fair sex's ability to play convincing jazz, this might be a good time to shed this medieval attitude. At the same time, the listener who is leery of the harp as a jazz instrument, previously regarding its music as a necessary interlude in a Marx Brothers movie, is also in for a few surprises. -Ira Gitler


  • Herman Wright (bass)
  • Jimmy Cobb (drums)
  • Dorothy Ashby (harp)
  • Terry Pollard (vibes)

Recorded in New York, August 15 and 16,1961


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Soft Winds
  • A2 Wild As The Wind
  • A3 The Man I Love
  • A4 My Ship
  • A5 Love Is Here To Stay
  • SIDE B
  • B1 I`ve Never Been In Love Before
  • B2 With Strings Attached
  • B3 Laura
  • B4 The Guns Of Navarone
  • B5 Misty
  • B6 The Gypsy In My Soul