Sambeatles, Os

Os Sambeatles (Limited Edition) (VAMPI 253)

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Os Sambeatles (Limited Edition)

Sambeatles, Os

Vampi Soul


LPS 167641




LP 22,30 €

Rare 1966 Brazilian album with a jazz/bossa nova take on songs by the Beatles, all served up with plenty of great keyboard work performed by the very talented Manfredo Fest and his trio. It was originally released right after their classic 1965 RGE album and has a very similar jazz-based sound. Manfredo Fest was part of the gathering of Brazilian musicians of the late-'50s who were developing the bossa nova movement, and he made a number of trio recordings in that vein from 1961 to 1966. After emigrating to Minneapolis in 1967, Fest moved to Los Angeles where he served as keyboardist and arranger for Bossa Rio and toured with Sergio Mendes.

This recording is all instrumental, strongly jazz-based, with piano as the main solo instrument, soaring over the top of some tight, crackling rhythms! The songs are all played with imaginative scents that really take them from their roots as pop songs and open them up as groovers filled with keyboard improvisations.

A nice slice of how the bossa nova sound was evolving in its homeland as well as the international impact the Beatles were having on countries outside of the U.S., England, Japan, and Germany.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Can't Buy Me Love
  • A2. Michelle
  • A3. A Hard Day's Night
  • A4. Girl
  • A5. Ticket To Ride
  • A6. I Should Have Known Better
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Help
  • B2. Yesterday
  • B3. All My Loving
  • B4. And I Love Her
  • B5. Ask Me Why
  • B6. If I Fell