Branko Mataja

Over Fields and Mountains (Limited White Vinyl) (N082W)

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Over Fields and Mountains (Limited White Vinyl)

Branko Mataja

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LPS 167652




LP 27,26 €

180 GRAM White Blossom COLORED VINYL

A beautifully haunting and plaintive collection of "Traditional And Folk Songs Of Yugoslavia", 'Over Fields And Mountains' stands as a refracted echo of an imagined life as it may have been in an old country of long ago. With songs reaching out through time and space, it captures a fascinating musical and personal journey of a man displaced from his native Dalmatia (now Croatia) during WWII who eventually ended up in Los Angeles in the mid 60s via time in a German labour camp, West Yorkshire and Canada.


  • Branko Mataja (guitar)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Da Smo Se Ranije Sreli / Had We Met Before
  • A2. Tesko Mi Je Zaboravit Tebe / It's Hard To Forget You
  • A3. Tebi Majko Misli Lete / To You Mother, My Thoughts Fly
  • A4. Susti Bagrem Beli / White Blossoms
  • A5. Hteo Bi Te Zaboraviti / I Want To Forget You
  • A6. Sero Sam Te / When I Met You
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Tamo Daleko / Far Away
  • B2. Cija Li Je Livada / Whose Meadow Is This
  • B3. Kafu Mi Draga Ispeci / Make Me A Coffee Darling
  • B4. Kad Ja Podoh Na Bembasu / When I Went To Bembasa
  • B5. Duboko Je More / Deep Is The Sea
  • B6. Zapletnicki Cacak / Caught Up In Cacak