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The Ginzburg Geography (TZ 4039)

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The Ginzburg Geography

Charming Hostess



TZA 167749

TZ 4039



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The Ginzburg Geography is an examination of the lives and work of Natalia and Leone Ginzburg during World War II. As with her other Charming Hostess endeavors, Jewlia Eisenberg plunged deeply into research and created songs inspired by their life, love and writings as well as including songs of protest and cultural significance from the time.

Jewlia laid down vocals and oversaw the recording of the majority of band tracks but was not able to finish. Since her passing, her longtime collaborator Marika Hughes has completed the album consistent with Jewlia's vision based on her notes and past performances.


  • Jewlia Eisenberg, Cynthia Taylor, Ganda Suthivarakom (vocals)
  • Marika Hughes (cello, vocals)
  • Max Baloian (bass)
  • Dan Cantrell (accordion, organ)
  • Jason Lewis (drums, percussion)
  • Jason Ditzian (clarinets)
  • Honored Guests:
  • Jeremiah Lockwood (guitar)
  • Laura Inserra (percussion)
  • Morgan Nilsen (clarinet)
  • Dina MacCabee (violin, viola)
  • Jessica Ivry (cello)
  • Sylvain Carton (saxes)
  • Darren Johnston (trumpet)
  • Kat Covell (scrob Board)
  • Alisa Rose (violin)
  • Nina Rolle, Nils Frykdahl, Dawn MxcCarthy, Dan Rathbun (vocals)


  • 01. Revolution in Borgo San Costanzo
  • 02. Marciar, Marciar
  • 03. Corso Re Umberto
  • 04. La Situazione
  • 05. La Filera
  • 06. Guerra Di Popolo
  • 07. These Three Friends
  • 08. Old Ones Remain
  • 09. La Lega
  • 10. Mwemoria
  • 11. Winter in Abruzzo
  • 12. All You Fascists Bound to Lose
  • 13. Waiting