David Murray

Brave New World Trio - Seriana Promethea (CD 381)

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Brave New World Trio - Seriana Promethea

David Murray



ITK 167789

CD 381



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David Murray is a giant of modern jazz. His saxophone fuses all the great things that black music has produced: Gospel sounds, free jazz, Afro-Caribbean, blues and soul as well as the beautiful stan- dards of classic jazz.

Murray's colorful tone, unsurpassed intonation, flair for swing, melancholy tones, and improvisational power and ingenuity make him one of the most important voices in music today. The newly formed Brave New World Trio congregates style-setting jazz greats with bassist Brad Jones and drummer Hamid Drake. Together they draw from the African-American tradition as well as from other cultures and with Seriana Promethea they present an impressive musical statement.

”The result shows the intuitive level of understanding achieved. Having reached in his mid-60s a level of technical mastery where a musician ‘can play every note that he hears,‘ Murray saw this pianoless trio as not just a way to keep the notes flowing, but a catalyst for total freedom: that rare configuration that allows him to deliver, through the saxophone, “my most free expression of myself”, writes Derek Schilling in the liner notes.


  • David Murray (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet)
  • Brad Jones (bass)
  • Hamid Drake (drums)

Recorded November 27, 2021


  • 01. Seriana Promethea
  • 02. Necktar
  • 03. Metouka Sheli (Ballade for Adrienne)
  • 04. Rainbows for Julia
  • 05. Switchin' in the Kitchen
  • 06. Anita et Annita
  • 07. If you Want me to Stay
  • 08. Am Gone get Some