Horace Tapscott

Tapscott + Winds (Limited Edition) (NS-4146)

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Tapscott + Winds (Limited Edition)

Horace Tapscott

Nimbus West


LPS 167833




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A never-issued album from the great Horace Tapscott – and one that shows a whole new side of his talents!

The group is a trio, but very different than some of Tapscott's other groups – as it features his piano alongside the alto of Kafi Roberts and flute of Aubrey Hart – a lineup that makes for a much more introspective vibe than some of Tapscott's more freewheeling small group recordings!

The set begins with the side-long "Golden Pearl" – a tune that has this really hypnotic, almost meditative vibe – Tapscott sometimes hanging back a bit more and letting the reeds stand upfront – an approach that's reversed on the flipside, which features a great long take on the Clifford Jordan tune "Spellbound" – one that really lets Tapscott remind us what an inventive modernist he can be!


  • Horace Tapscott (piano)
  • Kafi Roberts (sax)
  • Aubry Hart (flute)

Recorded at Paramount Studios, October 17, 1983


  • SIDE A
  • A1. The Golden Pearl
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Spellbound