Mario Nascimbene

Psycorama (Limited Edition) (SIR018LP)

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Psycorama (Limited Edition)

Mario Nascimbene



LPS 167966




LP 16,51 €

Some of the moodiest, most unusual music we've ever heard from Mario Nascimbene – an artist who's maybe best known for working in the more romantic side of the spectrum, but who here is using a "mixerama" keyboard – which works a bit like the mellotron to sample elements, then put them into a specific scale!

The tunes are often stark and spare, and build slowly in these waves of sonic energy – almost with a quality that feels more like the industrial underground of Zoviet France or Hafler Trio than anything we might have expected from Nascimbene, especially in the 60s. The album features a selection of songs used in short documentary films directed by Roberto Rossellini


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Totalità Violini
  • A2. Totalità Viole-Celli
  • A3. Totalità Celli-Bassi
  • A4. Totalità D'archi
  • A5. Vento Musicale
  • A6. Riverbero Di Tam Tam
  • A7. Situazione Orientale
  • A8. Attesa Antica
  • A9. Rievocazione Lontana
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Lunare
  • B2. Pensiero Lontano
  • B3. Classicheggiante
  • B4. Tragedia Greca
  • B5. Angoscia
  • B6. Percussione Variata
  • B7. Percussione A Strappate
  • B8. Percussione Di Bassi
  • B9. Percussione Di Timpani
  • B10. Aritmica Di Tremolo