Kaidi Tatham

An Insight to All Minds (Limited Edition) (5050580753457)

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An Insight to All Minds (Limited Edition)

Kaidi Tatham

First World


LPS 167973




LP 20,64 €


The album is comprised of an assortment of Kaidi's unique flavours - uptempo jazz-funk bruk, laced with rhodes, flutes, live bass and delicious percussion. Using that blueprint he moves effortlessly through latin and samba, half-step, deep afro house and a sprinkle of curveballs, all presented in Kaidi's inimitable way.

'Intergalactic Relations' brings with it some 110bpm synthed-out spacey electro-breaks, 'Could It Be' sets off sounding like a Morricone film score, whilst 'Rodney' is some serious heads-down business; stark and punchy off-kilter broken beat and vocal stabs. There are a few guests too - 'Chungo' sees the return of young Philly MC Uhmeer who rides a 9/4 time signature beat. Meanwhile 'Stro Kyat' invites in another supreme talent, Stro Elliot (The Roots), who provides a suitably crisp & crunchy riddim to accompany Kaidi's key play over a mind-bending 5/4 time signature.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Try N Follow
  • A2. Intergalactic Relations
  • A3. Interlude
  • A4. Carry It Mongo Man
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Chungo
  • B2. Insight To All Minds
  • B3. Nah Top Yuh Noise
  • B4. DSXSWC
  • SIDE C
  • C1. Rodney
  • C2. Rain
  • SIDE D
  • D1. Could It Be
  • D2. Interlude 2
  • D3. Stro Kyat
  • D4. Tek Care
  • D5. Enjoy Life