Kerbside Collection

Round the Corner (Limited Edition) (4026424011565)

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Round the Corner (Limited Edition)

Kerbside Collection



LPS 167964




LP 22,30 €

There's plenty of funky combos out there these days – but Kerbside Collection may well be quietly working to become one of the best – as there's a tightness and razor sharp focus here that really seems to blow away most of their contemporaries!

The bass and drums are wonderful at the core – as sharp as in a classic combo, but never too slavish to old school styles either – which means that they're always working a rhythm that's funky, but fresh too – qualities that are definitely followed through by the guitar, keyboards, and saxophone parts as well. These guys have been slowly building up a legacy for the better part of the decade – and this set really gives them a chance to shine


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Ortigas
  • A2 Metalúrgica
  • A3 Cookin’ With 3 Burners
  • A4 Round The Corner
  • A5 Curaidh
  • SIDE B
  • B1 Glaze
  • B2 New Day, New Year
  • B3 Cairo Green
  • B4 Horizonte (Colours)