De Dreit Nien (Limited Gatefold Edition) (ZORN76)

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De Dreit Nien (Limited Gatefold Edition)




LPS 167989




LP 24,78 €

Double album in gatefold sleeve

The Jericho project is fully in line with the approach of the La Nòvia collective from which it originates, a hub for like-minded musicians reinventing regional folk repertoires, marrying traditional French song with minimalism via the use of drone.

Jericho is just one of many available permutations of La Nòvia members, with the line-up including Yann Gourdon, Clément Gauthier, Jacques Puech and Antoine Cognet – you could say it’s La Nòvia’s flagship, or super-group. There are no dramatic stylistic shifts here, this is a story of gradual evolution within parameters that Jericho, and La Nòvia, have set for themselves. That also applies to their interpretation of individual songs, which are largely traditional.


  • Antoine Cognet - (banjo)
  • Clément Gauthier - (vocals
  • Jacques Puech - (vocals)
  • Yann Gourdon - (hurdy gurdy)

Recorded at Grange des Vachers, winter 2019


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Litanie
  • A2. Lo Mestre
  • D4. Planh de la Madalena
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Revenant de Noces
  • B2. Les Quatre Salaisons
  • B3. La Blanche Biche
  • SIDE C
  • C1. Paloma
  • C2. Trois Mariniers
  • SIDE D
  • D1. Farai Un Vers
  • D2. Marche
  • D3. Tournadre Un Et Deux
  • D4. Planh de la Madalena